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Navarasas of Training

July 31, 2012 1 comment

Training is a wonderful art. It’s the art of imparting knowledge, skill and sows the seeds of right attitude in the learners. It is a divine profession. Based on my Trimurti HR model, Trainer is performing the duties of Saraswathi, Goddess of Wisdom. Unfortunately, no one is getting greater exposure to this wonderful art in the school days or earlier collage days. Most of the time, the output of training is assessed by the feedback of the learner (how much they enjoyed!!). Some trainers are tempted to follow this and they compromise on the content of training to satisfy the audience. They are making the sessions funny or colourful without any real crux. It makes the real worth of training zero.

The challenges of a trainer are making his audience happy and give returns to the organization. It demands the 100% dedication from the trainer. If the trainer is ready to adopt different styles or types of training, it will make real results.

Here I am sharing 9 types/styles or training with its merits and demerits. A good mixture of these styles and good content will make your training excellent and will give the real results.

Click Navarasas’ of Training to download. Read & practice…

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Thiruvalluvar on Retailing

July 30, 2012 Leave a comment

Thiruvalluvar is an ancient Tamil poet and philosopher, who wrote the immortal ‘Thirukkural’. Thirukkural is the masterpiece of Tamil literature with the highest and purest expressions of human thought.  It is written in the form of couplets (two line poems) expounding various aspects of life. His thoughts are simple and help us to purify our life. When, I read the “Thirukkural’ several times, I started to think that some of the thoughts are relevant to retail business. It may be due to retail is my passion number one. If you are in any other industry, you will find it’s relevance with your business. That is the beauty of Thirukkural. It touches every human aspect.

Now, start reading ‘Thiruvalluvar on Retailing’. I am sharing 10 greatest retail lessons I learned from Thirukkural. Click Thiruvalluvar on Retailing to download.

TRIMURTI Model of Human Resource Management

July 26, 2012 3 comments

Click & download Trimurti Model HR (powerpoint) by Sijin Bt & Indulekha R

What is the relationship between Trimurtis of Indian mythology and Human resource management? Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are the Trimutis of Hinduism. If this universe can be considered as a mighty corporate, Trimuti is the HR department of this corporate. Their roles of creation-protection-destruction have similarities with the roles HR plays in an organization.

Trimurti Model of Human Resource Management divides HR into 3 different functional levels, based on various roles they play in business. Like creation-protection-destruction roles Trimurtis play, HR has to play these roles in the business. Let’s see how HR roles are linked with the Trimurti roles.

Brahma is the creator. He created different living beings to perform different roles. Otherwise, he created different roles and created different living beings suitable to perform these roles. In an organization, Recruitment function of HR is creating jobs and recruiting suitable candidates to perform these jobs.  Goddess Sarawswathi is the wife of Brahma and she gives knowledge and skills to everyone to perform their duties beautifully. Training function of HR imparts knowledge and skills to the new recruits and makes them fit to perform their roles.

Vishnu is the maintainer or preserver. He preserves the good people, helps the good to grow and ensures the elimination of evil or bad. Performance Management system and employee engagement activities of HR maintains or promotes the excellent work environment in the organizations. Goddess Lakshmi is his wife and gives wealth to people. In organizations, HR decides compensation, incentives and other benefits, which prospers the employees.

Shiva is the destroyer and his wife Parvathi is the goddess of power. They are controlling and eliminating the evil. Like them HR initiates various actions to control problem makers and problematic situations. Various disciplinary actions, termination and lockouts come under HR’s purview.

We can determine the health of an organization by assessing which function dominates the HR. Click & download the draft of Trimurti Model HR. Please forward your suggestions.


Sijin Bt & Indulekha R

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History of Retailing- BARCODE

July 25, 2012 4 comments

Think about retail world without Barcodes & Scanners

Can’t Imagine.

Decades back retail world was without Barcodes & Scanners. Long queues were very common in supermarket checkouts. The faces of frustrated customers and tensed cashiers demanded for a change.

The day, 26 June 1974 revolutionized retail industry. On 26 June 1974 for the first time Barcode & Scanner successfully used in retail industry.

History of Barcode has something to say about some little guys with lots of vision.

Long before bar codes and scanners were actually invented, grocers knew they desperately needed something like that.

In 1932, a business student named Wallace Flint proposed an automated checkout system using punched cards.

In 1948, Bernard Silver, a graduate student, overheard a conversation in the halls of Philadelphia’s Drexel Institute of Technology. The president of a food chain was pleading with one of the deans to undertake research on capturing product information automatically at checkout. The dean turned down the request, but Bob Silver mentioned the conversation to his friend Norman Joseph Woodland, a twenty seven-year-old graduate student and teacher at Drexel. The problem fascinated Woodland.

In 1949, Bernard Silver and Norman Joseph Woodland developed a bull’s-eye style code and patented it in 1952.

In 1970, Mnc Logicon developed Universal Grocery Products Identification Code (UGPIC)

In 1973, George J Laurer invented Universal Product Code (UPC)

Their efforts ultimately revolutionized retail industry.

Click and download History of barcode to read and know the first product which was scanned and more

Whenever you face a problem remember the history of barcode & try for novel solutions

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Retail Punchtantra

July 24, 2012 4 comments

How to be a great customer service company or how to conquer the hearts of customers?

These questions are always active in the retail world. Big retail theories and customer behaviour studies are making retail a tough business. But, now you can learn the art of not only conquering the hearts of your customers, but win retailing.

Retail Punchtantra illustrates the 5 simple ways to transform your retail business. Like our ancient Punchtantra, it’s simple, interesting, and easy to understand and practice. By practicing the 5 tantras of Retail Punchtantra, surely you can reach greater heights in retail business and career.

Retail Punchtantra is the story of Bada Badu, the store manager. Bada Babu’s retail career was in dilemma due to poor sales. But, at that time he gets a coach and Mentor, Pyari Mathaji (a well-known hotelier) to save his business and career. The story narrates the gyans shared by Pyari Mathaji to help Bada Babu.

Now start practicing RETAIL PUNCHTANTRA. Click here to download Retail Punchtanta. Forward your criticisms to


Sijin Bt


July 23, 2012 2 comments

Fish Fry- Just Serve is a training programme developed and delivered by Sijin.Bt for retail professionals. This programme is the practical implementation of the well-known ‘Fish Philosophy’ by John Christensen in retail industry.

Sijin comments, “Now, it’s the time to empower the retail staff in a different way. Fish Fry. It’s exclusively fried for retail community. It’s a fun stuffed training programme for all levels of retail frontline employees. I’m confident that it will rejuvenate them and empower them.

For the last 5 years I experience the power and joy of dedicated customer service. From morning to night, 365 days, when others are enjoying their holidays by shopping, retail employees are sacrificing their holidays for customer service and consider everyday as ‘holy day’. This work is dedicated to all the retail employees, who consider retailing as a way of life.”

You can download fish-fryby clicking (right click and Save Link as….). You can freely use it for any training. Feel free to share your experience with us.

The Sandwich Manager

July 23, 2012 1 comment

Is there anyone who don’t like sandwich? Surely. But we promise, everyone will like a Sandwich Manager. Sandwich Manager is a person who sandwiches every layer of criticisms with two layers of praises.

The Sandwich Manager style of communication will help you to convey the most unpleasant things to everyone. When we criticize openly and without any diplomacy, instead of accepting the intention behind the criticism, people blindly reject the criticism. But, the sandwich manager communicates in a way that everyone likes. Instead of hurting, it heals the wounds.

Practicing ‘Sandwich Manager Style’ in life is so simple. Just needs to apply your commonsense. Before communicating, think what will you think or how will you respond if you are in the receiving end. If you don’t like, adopt Sandwich Manager style.

Click to Download & Practice..the-sandwich-manager

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