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The art of Retailing: Create Your Own Shopping Seasons

Everyone needs a reason to buy a product. Example: What is your reason to buy a Cake? Christmas, birthday, send off…. As a Cake manufacturer, if you want to increase your cake sales, you have to link cake with some other celebrations. Valentine’s Day cake, Independence Day cake etc

Think: – What are your reasons to buy a new shirt?

As a retailer your responsibility is to help customers to find out their reason to buy a product.

Celebrating various important days is the best way to promote product. If we give offers or discounts during off-season, most of the customers will consider it as stock clearance exercise and will consciously try to avoid purchase. But, during shopping season, customers have a positive attitude on offers and discounts. So, we have to forget about stock clearance/sales figure projected offers and discounts. We have to help customers to feel our reason to promote the product…celebrating the festival or an important day.

We can spot good examples for it in retail history. Akshaya Thridiya is the birthday of Parasurama and considered as one of the four auspicious days of Hindus. Some retail leaders made Akshaya Thridiya, the best time to purchase Gold. It is a new shopping season. Now it is a one day event. In near future, somebody will make it Akshaya Thridiya Week.

Fred Lazarus Jr (Founder of Lazarus Departmental Stores) promoted the idea of Thanksgiving on the 4th weekend of November to expand the Christmas shopping season. US Congress adopted his proposal in 1941.

If we analyse 365 days, we can find out lot of possibilities in each day to sell/promote our products. It just depend the way you think and the way you implement it. Create your own shopping seasons.

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  1. Clarisse
    July 30, 2012 at 1:44 pm

    i would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this article. thanks for your blog, big help.

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