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The Sandwich Manager

Is there anyone who don’t like sandwich? Surely. But we promise, everyone will like a Sandwich Manager. Sandwich Manager is a person who sandwiches every layer of criticisms with two layers of praises.

The Sandwich Manager style of communication will help you to convey the most unpleasant things to everyone. When we criticize openly and without any diplomacy, instead of accepting the intention behind the criticism, people blindly reject the criticism. But, the sandwich manager communicates in a way that everyone likes. Instead of hurting, it heals the wounds.

Practicing ‘Sandwich Manager Style’ in life is so simple. Just needs to apply your commonsense. Before communicating, think what will you think or how will you respond if you are in the receiving end. If you don’t like, adopt Sandwich Manager style.

Click to Download & Practice..the-sandwich-manager

  1. Athivenkat
    July 23, 2012 at 12:23 pm

    sijin sir,this awesome.i think you share your experience here.really great.

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