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Simple, Safe & Zero-cost Exercise

August 28, 2012 2 comments

Aks is a cardiovascular exercise developed by  Corporate Trainer Sijin B T. Cardiovascular (aerobic) exercise involves moving body with the use of large muscle groups. It uses oxygen as a source of energy to create movement; it strengthens the heart, lungs and circulatory system. Aks has some properties of resistance exercise also. It gives toned and shapely body and provides stronger leg bones. Moreover, Aks offers flexibility, balance and coordination. Regular Aks workout will add years to your life, not just years but quality years. So why are you waiting for? Start Playing Aks!

You don’t need to be sporty, competitive or coordinated to learn and play Aks. If you can hop, then you can play Aks.


AKS is the scientifically developed version of hopscotch. Aks combines the properties Hopscotch (Engliand), Marelles, Escargot (France), Templehupfen (Germany), Hinkenbaan (Netherlands) Pico (Vietnam), Rayuela (Argentina & Columbia), Pele (Aruba), La Thunkuna (Bolivia), Tiao Feiji (China), Sondah, One Leg Jump (Indonesia), Peevers (Scotland), Kikiso (Fiji), Hoppa Hage (Sweden), Quriquiqui (Cuba), Campana (Italy), Skolka, Skakana, Sklieko (Slovakia), Potsy (USA), Koutso (Greece), Hoppa Morsgryta (Finland), Banbuan (Philippines), Edfar Azrod (Morocco), Kambegithkuri (Albania) and Pathar ke kal, Ekaria Dukaria (India). AKS is a great game that can be played almost anywhere you have a space. It can be played on a bare patch of earth or on the floor inside.

The palace physicians of ancient India developed the ancient form of Aks to improve the body posture and symmetry of princesses. It also helped the princesses to get ample exercise and recreation. Hopscotch began in ancient Britain during the early Roman Empire. The original hopscotch courts were over 100 feet long and used for military training exercises. Roman soldiers used to hop for miles to get in shape to conquer the world. Roman children drew their own smaller courts in imitation of the soldiers, added a scoring system and “Hopscotch” spread throughout Europe.

Sijin B T has developed AKS by combining the sequences of ancient Indian versions of Hopscotch and the court forms of similar foreign games. AKS is the first game fully professionalized by Sijin under his idea to professionalize Rural Sport Events.


  • Low/Moderate Cardiovascular exercise with some properties of Resistance and Flexibility exercises.
  • Simple, zero-cost and 100% safe
  • No need of an instructor
  • Perfect leisure time activity for women
  • Anyone can play, Anywhere at Anytime
  • Everyone can play without age, gender and social status differences
  • All the family members can play it together
  • Provides exercise to whole body
  • Ideal workout for ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph body types

Superbmarket- Think Beyond Supermarkets

August 27, 2012 4 comments

The days of supermarkets are over. Here the supermarket symbolizes just a place where people can shop whatever they daily need and just a workplace for livelihood for the employees. This supermarket is characterised by boring shopping experiences and stressful working conditions. It results in high customer turnover and employee turnover which negatively affect the prosperity of the retail organization.

Superbmarket is an experiment to create an ideal supermarket possessing a Retail Human Recourse Management (RHRM) system, which ensures fully engaged and empowered employees who can deliver the best possible service to the customers with in the all limitations of retail organizations.

Read the draft of revolutionary work in retailing by Sijin & Indulekha- superbmarket

Rajnikantism- Management Lessons from Rajnikant

August 4, 2012 Leave a comment

click rajnikantism to download ‘Management Lessons from Rajnikant movies’

Rajnikant is a legend. He inspires millions of people with his style, way of living and dialogs. I’m very much motivated by the songs in his movies. These songs contain philosophy and motivation. I respect the great writers, but believe Rajni made the songs immortal. Rajnikantism is the management & philosophical lessons from Rajnikant movies. When you see the Rajni movie next time feel ‘Rajnikantism’


Sijin Bt

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How to be fell in love with customers

August 3, 2012 2 comments

People know better to attract customers to their stores. But, the real challenge is retaining them. In this work, we are discussing about some easiest ways to retain your customers by establishing friendship with them. We are rejecting the traditional theory of Customer is KING. For us customer is our friend, who is too close to our hearts.


Sijin Bt

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Smile Formula

August 2, 2012 Leave a comment

Confessions of a shopper

August 1, 2012 1 comment

Click Confessions of a shopper to download powerpoint

Why a customer did not select your product or brand? There will be plenty of reasons customers have to reject your brand. Most of the times, customers will express their reason during their interaction with the sales person. Failure of sales person to identify the clue and give solutions will lead to potential sales loss.

Here I am sharing top 10 reasons why customers reject a brand. This is basically designed for a private label (retailer’s own brand) training programme. But its scope is not just limited to private label brands. If your brand is relatively new, it’s suitable for you, if your time tested brand is getting rejected by customers, then its for you.  Understand why customer tries to reject your brand, frame your strategy and win the customer


Sijin Bt

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