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Retail Punchtantra- Chapter 1

It was a great day for Gobindapura. Streets were crowded with people and vehicles. Everyone was busy either in their work or in shopping. But, it was again a very bad day for Bada Babu and his PONNI SUPERMARKET. Sales of his store were dipping every day. Every new day recorded new lowest sales ever. Bada and his assistant Chotta Babu tried everything they know to improve sales. Their store was in the heart of Gobindapura town. Customers were ready to spend money for good quality and best service. But, the store was struggling with manpower shortage and other issues.

On that day, till noon only around ten customers came and the average bill value was also too low. The stock, which came last day, was cluttered in the store. Except Bada Babu only two guys showed up that shift. At that time an old lady came to their store with her grandchild. But, at that moment there were nobody to attend and assist that old lady.

When the lady approached the counter, Bada Babu came for billing. The lady asked, “Where is your Manager?”

“Madam, I am the Manager.” Bada Babu told.

“Why there’s nobody else in the store?” the old lady curiously asked.

“Many of our staff is on leave today.” Bada Babu replied.

“Leave or absent?” old lady asked with a smile.

Before Bada Babu finds answer the old lady continued. “Whenever I have free time, I am vising your store since its launch. Always there’s nobody in the store to assist customers. It seems your biggest problem is finding and keeping right manpower. Am I right?”

Bada Babu nodded his head in agreement.

“I think, this is also a problem for the other retailers in this city. Is there anyone in your company who seems to have solved this problem?” Old lady asked

“What do you mean Madam?”

“See dear boy, if there is anybody in your company or in this city, who has solved this problem, then it’s easy for you to learn from them and resolve your problems.”

“I don’t know Madam.” His helplessness was perceptible in his face and reflected in his voice. “We tried everything to save this store.

Management is thinking to close this store. Everybody is asking sales.

Nobody is ready to listen our problems.” His voice was panic and it carried his frustration.

“Don’t worry my boy. Be bold. Bad times are common in everyone’s life.

But it will be followed by good times. Just consider bad times as an opportunity to rejuvenate yourself. Scrutinize the reasons for your bad time. The answers will help to quickly move to good times.” Old lady saidlike a philosopher.

“Advice, advice, advice. Everyone is showering lots of advices. But, nobody is ready to help me to frame some strategies to solve my issues.”

He did not hide his anger.

“I really impressed by your openness. I am Pyari Mathaji. I am running a restaurant in the 7th cross road. If you can come and meet me at my restaurant I will try to help you to some extent.”

Bada Babu lost his breath. He was talking to Pyari Mathaji, who is running the most popular Gyan Restaurant chain. She is very successful and people used to talk about her leadership qualities. Management students were regularly visiting her restaurant to meet her and learn from her. But, it was too difficult to meet her. When he was a management student, two or three times he tried to meet her for his class but failed. Now, that very busy Mathaji is offering him help. He couldn’t believe what is happening.

“Hallo dear what happened?” Mathaji enquired.

He realized it was not a dream. “When I have to come Madam” he asked.

“Tomorrow is Friday. Tomorrow 3 pm”.

“Thank you Madam.” His mind craved to thank Mathaji for giving him that opportunity, which he tried earlier in his life. But, words not came from his mouth.

When Chota Babu came for duty Bada Babu told him about that very special customer and their opportunity to learn from her experience.

Chota Babu was not optimistic. But, he felt Bada Babu’s excitement.

That night was a Shivarathri for Bada Babu. He tried to sleep. But, dream of wonderful tomorrow kept him awaken throughout that night.

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    September 2, 2012 at 4:43 pm

    Excellent Sijin..This is the right way.Hats off.Will keep chippig in.

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