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Retail Punchtantra- Chapter 2

That night Bada Babu could not sleep a wink. A dream of a wonderful tomorrow was keeping him awaking. He expected some miracles from Mathaji to turnaround his store and career.

When he started snoring, his pessimistic self started to talk to him.

“Why are you so crazy about meeting Pyari Mathaji? What are you going to get from her? Same old gyans…set goals, planning, execution, perfection, smart work. You attended so many trainings, read so many self-help books. What happened? Its effect remained only for few days.

Then again you wandered to the same old track. So why are you bent on again wasting your time?”

Bada Babu thought, “He is right. What the change Pyari Mathaji is going to make in my career and in my life? Nothing or very little. So, I need not

be excited about meeting her .”

Suddenly his guardian angel appeared. “Why do you become pessimistic?

Be hopeful. Believe in your ability to change your own destiny. Trust in somebody who can help you to change your destiny.”

“Once Art Zorka, a magician and speaker from Atlanta was flying along with boxing legend Mohammed Ali. During the travel Art asked him,

“Champ, I speak to audiences all the time. Would you tell me what the greatest lesson you’ve learned from life is, so I can share it with people?”

Ali thought a moment, and then said, “It was January 28, 1964, in Miami. I was Cassius Clay fighting Sonny Liston for the heavyweight title. He was the strongest man I’d ever fought. Every time I hit him, it hurt me worse than it did him. I gave him everything I had”.

“When the sixth round ended, I was completely spent. I couldn’t even raise my arms. I couldn’t even stand up to go back into the ring. ‘I’m going home!’ I told Angelo Dundee, my trainer and boxing cornerman. ‘I’m not going back in there!’”

“Hearing this Ali explained, “Angelo Dundee pushed his upper body into the ring and screamed at him to get ready to go in, only to get a refusal.”

“I can’t do it. I’m going home!”

Then the bell rang. Dundee pushed Ali and screamed, “Get in there and don’t come out until you are the heavyweight Champion of the world!”

Because of Dundee’s screams, Ali struggled to his feet.

The rest is history. Sonny Liston didn’t answer the bell, and Ali became the champion.

Hearing this, Art anticipated that Ali’s lesson was “Keep on keeping on.

Make one last effort. Get up every time you’re knocked down “But that wasn’t it. Making his point, Ali said, “The greatest lesson I’ve learned is to have someone pushing you and making you do things you don’t think you can do!”

“A trainer appears when you are ready to get trained and disappears when the training is completed. But your cornerman, coach or mentor will accompany you always during your practice and performance. They are the people who can push you to do things which you think you can’t”.

“Beta, you must meet Pyari Mathaji. We don’t know what she is going to give. But, hope. She may be the Mentor, the universe chosen for you”.

When his guardian angel dominated his heart, the pessimism vanished from within him. Bada Babu decided to meet Pyari Mathaji.

His snoring reached its peak.

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