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Retail Punchtantra- Chapter 3

Even before 2 pm, he was ready to meet Mathaji. He gave instructions to Chota and left the store to meet Mathaji. On the way he bought a new notebook and pen. 2.30 to 4.00 was break time for Gyan Restaurant.

When he reached, he was surprised by seeing Mathaji and her staffs were playing UNO, a card game. When she saw him, she signaled him to sit in the corner table. By 3 she finished her game.

“Good afternoon, Mathaji”, he rose from his seat and greeted as Mathaji approached.

“Please sit. How is the day my dear?” she asked.

“Ok Mathaji”. BadaBabu replied.

She sat opposite to him. He opened his notebook and wrote his name in the first page.

“Why note book? I am not going to give you tuition.” She kidded.

“I have considered your situation. Your problem is a very common one today. Some die because of their problems; some live with their problems; some lives with their problems but succeeds; but very rare solve their problems and succeeds” said Mathaji.

Mathaji continued, “I am not a management guru to give you instant solutions. But, I am a granny, who likes telling stories. I will tell you 5 stories and the lessons you learn from these stories will help you to handle your problems”.

Bada was disappointed and it suddenly reflected in his face. He expected great management lessons from that old-timer . But she is talking like a granny, who tells story to her kids. ‘She’s going to waste my time’, he thought. She read his mind.

“Dear boy, can you expand POSDCORB?” she quizzed him.

He tried to recollect what he learnt at B-School, but didn’t. His face became pale.

“Don’t worry boy. Now try to remember ‘Twinkle…twinkle little star’ or ‘Hare and tortoise story’” she told.

His face became bright, because still now he remembers what he learnt in the first years of his life.

Mathaji told, “This is the power of stories. Stories and the lessons you learnt through stories will be with you in your grave.”

She continued, “My husband told me these stories just before he left us forever. At that time I was just 25 with two kids. Our business was in its initial days. Nobody was there to guide me. But, the stories he told guided me throughout my life to make our business successful. If you believe that these stories will help you to resolve your problems, then we can continue. Do you understand my boy?”

“Yes, I believe”, he nodded his head in agreement.

“I am willing to tell you these stories under two conditions. First, after every story you will take 100 per cent efforts to apply it. Is this condition agreeable for you?”

“Yes Mathaji.”

“Great. Now is the second condition. Whenever you meet somebody with same problems, you should tell them these stories. Will you?”

“Yes Mathaji. I promise.”

“Good. Now that what we agreed, are you ready for the first story?”

“Yes, Mathaji. I am ready.”

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