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Retail Punchtantra- Chapter 8

When Bada Babu started his retail career, he used to conduct daily briefings. Later, like most of the retail managers he skipped briefings. But, on that day he convened briefing session. She shared the story of that extra ordinary cab driver of Dallas with his team members. He invited ideas from his team to go extra mile in customer service. Everyone was excited. They opened their hearts. Ideas were plenty. Bada Babu noted every idea in his notebook.

One idea was celebrating birthdays of employees with customers. Chota Babu was celebrating his 24th birthday on that day. As per company policy Rs.200 was permitted for employee birthday celebration. They bought cake for Rs.100 and candies for the remaining. They arranged their extra cash counter for cake cutting and invited the customers on the floor to celebrate Chota’s birthday. They kept candies in the POS counters and gave to the customers. It was a surprise and exciting experience for all the customers. So many customers appreciated Bada Babu for that initiative.

It was just a beginning. Baba Babu and his team found out reasons to celebrate every day. Mostly low cost or zero cost initiatives. For customers, every shopping trip was a different and thrilling experience. Customers considered PONNI SUPERMARKET not as a grocery shop, butas a place for social gathering.

On that Friday, Mathaji became a great listener. She eagerly heard Bada Babu’s success story. Day by day sales improved greatly. Morning firings from Bada Babu’s area manager became history. Mathaji enjoyed her kid’s success.

“Dear boy, you are really great and you are getting the dividends of your efforts.” She appreciated him and started her fifth story.

An old man came to Mumbai from a remote village. He went into a cafeteria in a busy street to get something to eat. He sat down at an empty table and waited for someone to take his order. Of course nobody did. Finally, a woman with a tray full of food sat down opposite him and informed him how that cafeteria is working.

“Start out at that end,” she said. “Just go along the line and pick out what you want. At the other end they’ll tell you how much you have to pay.”

“I soon learned that’s how everything works in Mumbai,” the old man told a friend.

“Life’s a cafeteria here. You will get anything you want as long as you are willing to pay the price. You will even get success, but you’ll neverget it if you wait for someone to bring it to you. You have to get up andget it yourself.”

“My dear boy, now you have learnt the lessons which helped me to be successful in my business. You have the willingness, stamina and years to achieve success. Never go back to your old hard days. But, never forget those hard days. Those memories will keep you lively always. So,


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