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India must participate in Olympics

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An Appeal to every Indian

(Mail from Niveditha)

My dear brothers & sisters,

International Olympic Committee’s decision to ban Indian athletes from contesting in Olympics under Indian flag is very painful for me as a sports fan and a patriotic Indian. The reasons behind such a decision like corrupted Indian sports administration are really shameful for every Indian.

When rest of the world consider sports as a profitable industry and employment generating industry, in India sports is survived with Government grants and the sports administrators are competing to loot that money. We don’t know when our sports arena will be freed from corruption.

Indian athletes never need the sympathy of participating under IOC’s banner. They need to participate in Olympics and other tournaments under the national flag and banner of India.

We request you to participate in our ‘Olympics Regain’ campaign to get permission from IOC to participate in Olympics under the Indian flag. Please copy the below given letter addressed to IOC President and send to with cc to from your email id. Please remember to insert your name.

Please send this to mail to every Indian you know after adding your name to get maximum support

Thanking you,

With warm regards.

Niveditha, an Indian


Subject: Permit India in Olympics


Dear Mr. Jacques Rogge,

We are writing this letter on behalf of every Indians. We respect your decision to suspend Indian Olympic Association (IOA) and to ban Indian Officials from Olympics. But, your decision to ban Indian Athletes from contesting in Olympics under Indian flag is very unfortunate. In Olympics, India is not represented by any corrupted association or sports administrators, but by committed Indian Athletes.

Even before Indian Independence, from 1900 onwards India is participating in Olympics. Always Indians believe that “the most important thing is not to win but to take part!”. If Indian athletes can’t participate under the flag and banner of India, death will be better for patriotic Indians.

On behalf of every Indian, we request you to allow Indian athletes to participate in Olympics and other tournaments under the national flag and banner of world’s largest democracy. Thanking you.

With warm regards,

<Your Name>,

An Indian Citizen

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Competence to Excel

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“Our competence to excel in this world depends on our ability to do, what actually we can do”

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Indian flag should fly high in Olympics

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India in olympics

Kind attention of International Olympic Committee

  • Indians are not supporting Suresh Kalmadi or Lalit Bhanot. They are not representing Indians.
  • They are shame to every Indian and IOA which was lead by Sir Dorabji Tata
  • In rest of world, cooperatives are autonomous, but in India cooperatives are controlled by Government. In rest of world, sports associations are autonomous, but in India it is controlled by Government.

Please allow Indian Athletes to participate in Olympics and other tournaments under Indian flag

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Responsibility without authority is slavery

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Responsibility without authority is slavery. Some of the managers are facing this situation due to their bosses who are not ready to give authority to their subordinates. These bosses are lavish in delegating responsibilities, but very notorious in meddling. Authority is the right to make decisions, direct others’ work and give orders. Without delegating authority and by meddling in micro level, these bosses are making the life of their subordinates miserable. Every manager is responsible to coach their subordinates the art of leadership. Leadership comes with responsibility and authority. The responsibility is deliverable and the authority is the power, which helps them to do justice to their responsibilities. Power comes with responsibility. Like that responsibility should come with authority.

Managers should remember to delegate authority while delegating responsibilities. Certain amount of authority is always needed for the proper handling of responsibilities. Power feeding is the right way to do that. Like delegation, manager has to share certain powers with the subordinates. Initially it must me unimportant powers, and then can move to more powers. Otherwise, responsibility will be a burden and delegation will ends in failure.

Brief History of Crimes against Passengers

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passenger rightsJUNE 7, 1893
Gandhiji was thrown off a train in South Africa

OCTOBER 26, 1998
Jayabala was thrown off a Mumbai local train by a mugger and she lost her legs

MARCH 18, 2008
Sr. Serene of Thrissur was thrown off the train by two chain snatchers and lost one leg & one hand

FEBRUARY 2, 2011
Soumya of Palakkad was thrown off the train, raped and brutally killed by a mugger

DECEMBER 16, 2012
A student in Delhi was gang raped in a moving bus and thrown off the bus


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Retailing is the art of making habits

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Indian Railways.. Please stop this kolaveri

December 18, 2012 Leave a comment

Kerala express

AC Coach issue of Trivandrum-New Delhi Kerala Express of 17th December 2012 proves that the Indian Railways is still living with its colonial legacy of cruelty. First Railways provided sleeper coach for the passengers who booked tickets in AC coach. When they protested against this, TTT complained against a passenger to Railway Protection Force (RPF). RPF dragged this passenger out of train and manhandled him in front of co-passengers and others at Ernakulam south railway station.

Why TTT and the RPF officials were not empathizing with the passengers’ problems? Why they don’t understand that the protest of passengers are the natural outcome of their dismay on the service they got from railways. This incident resembles the recent ‘fake hijacking incident’ happened in Trivandrum airport. In that incident, Pilot made a fake complaint against the passengers that these passengers were tried to hijack the flight. Police took passengers in custody. Actually, the passengers were protesting against the Air-India’s decision to terminate the service at Trivandrum instead of Cochin.  How should passenger react in these kinds of occasions? Whether the Railways or Air India expects that the passenger should travel with the poor service they offer.

The TTT involved in this issue and the RPF officials are the living tombs of our colonial rulers. In this era of human rights and customer service, they are behaving like the rulers of railways. It is high time to change the mindset of Railways. They must come out from the shell of a nasty government department and should incarnate as a modern service industry.

Air India trivandrum

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