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Another Soumya?


Girl gang-raped in moving bus

New Delhi, Dec 17 (IANS) A girl in her 20s was gang-raped in a private moving bus here, police said Monday. The incident took place Sunday night, when the victim and her boyfriend boarded the bus from Munirka to go to Dwarka.  Police said that around five to seven bus crew started misbehaving with the girl a few minutes after she boarded the bus, which was traveling without other passengers.

The victim’s boyfriend tried to prevent the men from molesting her, but the men beat him up and sexually assaulted the girl. The accused then threw the girl and her boyfriend out of the bus near Mahipalpur in south Delhi’s Vasant Vihar area. Both victims were rushed to Safdarjung Hospital by a PCR van. Doctors said the condition of the girl is critical. Police is yet to record the statement of the victim, but a case has been registered.

Now, it’s the unfortunate turn of a girl from UP in New Delhi. Like, our Soumya, who was thrown out of train, raped and died in hospital, a girl from UP was raped by a group of dirty fellow-Indians after boy friend was thrown out of the moving bus. Why our governments frequently fail to protect our passengers from the attacks of such nasty anti-socials?

It’s the high time to enact and implement the Passenger Rights in India. If we don’t do it now, we will debate on this incident in media and in public and will forget once the vehemence of the issue is over.

Please join with us in our movement to get Passenger Rights enacted and pray for the life of the young girl.

passenger rights

Passenger Rights

1. The Right to Safety and Security

•Condition of vehicle and shelters (bus stand, bus stop, railway station etc)
•Over all hygiene (vehicles, toilets, hotels, shops etc)
•Crew-made casualties (moving vehicle before boarding or alighting)
•Security of life and assets

2. The Right against cancellations or delays due to man-made causes

•Actions that block the passenger movements (Bandh, harthals, strikes, processions, road blocks, traffic blocks for VIP movements etc)
•Cancellation of journey (full/part) for the benefit of service provider
•Overall man-made delays
•Optimized journey time

3. The Right for courteous service and comfort

•Crew behavior and supportive staff behavior
•Comfort in bus and bus station
•Ease of boarding and alighting

 4. The Right to be informed 

•Proper information on arrival time, departure time, running time, fare etc
•Sharing facts to make an informed choice
•Protection against misleading information

5. The Right to be heard 

•Considering passenger views in policy making
•Development of passenger transport industry based on passenger needs and wants
•Removal of laws and rules which create inconvenience to customers

 6. The Right to redress

•Fair settlement on claims
•24 hrs passenger service cells and control room
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