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I Trust Birla


I am a proud ex-employee of Aditya Birla Group. I like the group because of its strong ethical foundation. When I left the group, I took 5 things from the group without permission- Integrity, Commitment, Passion, Seamlessness & Speed. The 5 Values of Aditya Birla Group. Democracy is built upon 4 pillars and but, ABG is built on these 5 strong pillars. 5.5+ years with ABG, as a trainer everyday I preached these values and experienced its real value and power. As a bottom level employee, I couldn’t get opportunity to meet Mr. KM Birla, but I was lucky to interact with people met him and worked closely with him. The way they described Kumar Mangalam Birla was really inspiring, because live the way we preach is always difficult. But, Birla believes in ‘Walk the Talk‘.

All knows that the CBI findings are just smoke to hide the reality and to save the real culprits behind coal scheme. Support Birla got from media, business houses and public prove it. The ABG ‘Values We Value’ is reflect the soul of ABG and KM Birla. Birla is a real man who believes in his values and who preaches these values to millions of his employees, stakeholders, vendors and customers through the way he works.

I believe in these 5 values and I Trust Birla

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