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Principles of Cooperation

November 20, 2014 Leave a comment

It’s just amazing to remember definition of ‘Cooperation’ and 7 wonderful ‘ICA Cooperative Principles’. I learned it in 1997 and really enjoys practicing some of the cooperative principles in life. Now planning to practice it in full by starting a cooperative society!

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How did I sell my Degree?

November 16, 2014 Leave a comment

Years back, it was very difficult for a BSc (Cooperation & Banking) graduate to get a job. It was because of the ‘unfamiliar name’. Interviewers mostly confused to find out the link between BSc and Cooperation or Banking. But, some brilliant C&B graduated convinced the employers and got placed. Their performance in their jobs has made BSc (C&B) a preferred name in job market. I also struggled to convince the interview board in the initial interviews. Later, I changed my approach. Instead of selling myself, I started selling my great Degree, BSc (Cooperation & Banking). It worked. The tools I used to market BSc (C&B) are follows.

If you feel that your degree is superior, then no one can reject you!

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How I defined ‘Retailing’?

November 15, 2014 Leave a comment

Today, I got a mail from my friend Rahulnath with the presentation he prepared Stepping stone to retail. It is a great presentation on the basics of retailing. His presentation reminded me one of my retail definitions.

“Retailing is not just a career. It’s a lifestyle. It offers exciting days, variety of assignments and tasks. It demands working long and odd hours, dealing with difficult people and undertaking different tasks such as housekeeping, loading and unloading, flyer distribution etc. But, end of the day you will realize- Retailing is Living.”

I left retail last year. But, again going to be a retailer. In different role and style….

Sijin on retail

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