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Competence to Excel

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“Our competence to excel in this world depends on our ability to do, what actually we can do”

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Responsibility without authority is slavery

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Responsibility without authority is slavery. Some of the managers are facing this situation due to their bosses who are not ready to give authority to their subordinates. These bosses are lavish in delegating responsibilities, but very notorious in meddling. Authority is the right to make decisions, direct others’ work and give orders. Without delegating authority and by meddling in micro level, these bosses are making the life of their subordinates miserable. Every manager is responsible to coach their subordinates the art of leadership. Leadership comes with responsibility and authority. The responsibility is deliverable and the authority is the power, which helps them to do justice to their responsibilities. Power comes with responsibility. Like that responsibility should come with authority.

Managers should remember to delegate authority while delegating responsibilities. Certain amount of authority is always needed for the proper handling of responsibilities. Power feeding is the right way to do that. Like delegation, manager has to share certain powers with the subordinates. Initially it must me unimportant powers, and then can move to more powers. Otherwise, responsibility will be a burden and delegation will ends in failure.

Retailing is the art of making habits

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Quote- Retailing, the art

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