Retail Punchtantra


How to be a great customer service company or how to conquer the hearts of customers?

These questions are always active in the retail world. Big retail theories and customer behaviour studies are making retail a tough business. But, now you can learn the art of not only conquering the hearts of your customers, but win retailing.

Retail Punchtantra illustrates the 5 simple ways to transform your retail business. Like our ancient Punchtantra, it’s simple, interesting, and easy to understand and practice. By practicing the 5 tantras of Retail Punchtantra, surely you can reach greater heights in retail business and career.

Retail Punchtantra is the story of Bada Badu, the store manager. Bada Babu’s retail career was in dilemma due to poor sales. But, at that time he gets a coach and Mentor, Pyari Mathaji (a well-known hotelier) to save his business and career. The story narrates the gyans shared by Pyari Mathaji to help Bada Babu.

Now start practicing RETAIL PUNCHTANTRA. Click here to download Retail Punchtanta. Forward your criticisms to


Sijin Bt


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