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How did I sell my Degree?

November 16, 2014 Leave a comment

Years back, it was very difficult for a BSc (Cooperation & Banking) graduate to get a job. It was because of the ‘unfamiliar name’. Interviewers mostly confused to find out the link between BSc and Cooperation or Banking. But, some brilliant C&B graduated convinced the employers and got placed. Their performance in their jobs has made BSc (C&B) a preferred name in job market. I also struggled to convince the interview board in the initial interviews. Later, I changed my approach. Instead of selling myself, I started selling my great Degree, BSc (Cooperation & Banking). It worked. The tools I used to market BSc (C&B) are follows.

If you feel that your degree is superior, then no one can reject you!

CandB (1) CandB (2) CandB (3) CandB (4)

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