Trimurti Model HR


Click & download Trimurti Model HR (powerpoint) by Sijin Bt & Indulekha R

What is the relationship between Trimurtis of Indian mythology and Human resource management? Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are the Trimutis of Hinduism. If this universe can be considered as a mighty corporate, Trimuti is the HR department of this corporate. Their roles of creation-protection-destruction have similarities with the roles HR plays in an organization.

Trimurti Model of Human Resource Management divides HR into 3 different functional levels, based on various roles they play in business. Like creation-protection-destruction roles Trimurtis play, HR has to play these roles in the business. Let’s see how HR roles are linked with the Trimurti roles.

Brahma is the creator. He created different living beings to perform different roles. Otherwise, he created different roles and created different living beings suitable to perform these roles. In an organization, Recruitment function of HR is creating jobs and recruiting suitable candidates to perform these jobs.  Goddess Sarawswathi is the wife of Brahma and she gives knowledge and skills to everyone to perform their duties beautifully. Training function of HR imparts knowledge and skills to the new recruits and makes them fit to perform their roles.

Vishnu is the maintainer or preserver. He preserves the good people, helps the good to grow and ensures the elimination of evil or bad. Performance Management system and employee engagement activities of HR maintains or promotes the excellent work environment in the organizations. Goddess Lakshmi is his wife and gives wealth to people. In organizations, HR decides compensation, incentives and other benefits, which prospers the employees.

Shiva is the destroyer and his wife Parvathi is the goddess of power. They are controlling and eliminating the evil. Like them HR initiates various actions to control problem makers and problematic situations. Various disciplinary actions, termination and lockouts come under HR’s purview.

We can determine the health of an organization by assessing which function dominates the HR. Click & download the draft of Trimurti Model HR. Please forward your suggestions.


Sijin Bt & Indulekha R

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